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Epicure AmStaffs

We are Greg and Frances Conner.  We’ve been involved with American Staffordshire Terriers since 1990. In 1991 we bought a six week old fawn and white bitch and she became our foundation.  Her name was Imperial’s Desert Rose.  She went on to finish her championship on her first birthday and was handled exclusively by Frances We definitely had the showing bug then.

Generally we attend somewhere around forty shows per year.  We enjoy going to the shows very much.  The National Specialties are our yearly vacation.  Frances has been to every National Specialty since 1992 and Greg has hit them all since 1994.  We have met a lot of good people involved in the breed and look forward to seeing old and new friends at the National Specialties every year.

Frances is a Board Member of the Staffordshire Terrier Club Of America and also serves as the club's Treasurer.  She is also the current President and past Treasurer of the Staffordshire Terrier Club Of Riverside/San Bernardino.  Greg is  a past President of the American Staffordshire Terrier Club Of Riverside/San Bernardino.

Greg spends a considerable amount of time studying pedigrees and currently has a data base of over 12,000 Am Staff pedigrees. 

In our spare time, when we are not at dog shows or dog related activities; we do a fair amount of entertaining at our home with other Am Staff fanciers.  We enjoy a good party, usually consisting of BBQ and lots of refreshments.

We do not do a lot of breeding.  “We live for our dogs, not off of them”  We don’t average a litter a year.  Our last litter was whelped May 5th, 2000.   All breedings are carefully researched and planned.  Our breeding program speaks for itself as you will see later in this site.  We pride ourselves on the fact that the dogs we have bred have done their winning breeder/owner, owner or breeder handled.  Our dogs win on their merit, not the checkbook.  “There is no substitute for quality” .

Temperament is very important.  We will not tolerate an Am Staff that does not have a proper temperament.  An ill tempered Am Staff is an accident looking for a place to happen. 

We spare no expense when it comes to the care and breeding of our Am Staffs.  They are members of the family, not just show dogs or breeding machines.  Out bitches have a maximum of three litters.  All litters are whelped in our bedroom and receive continuous human handling from the time they are whelped.  We feel it is very important for the puppies to bond with humans and realize early on that the scent of a human equates to cuddling, warmth and kindness.

Enjoy your visit to our site and please come back often as it will be updated on a regular basis.

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